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Lumigon T3 offers Military-grade shell Night vision camera

In a world that orbits around iPhones and Flagship killers, it’s not every day that phones like Lumigon come forward to present a whole new challenge to the big guys in this domain.

Some are born to fit in, while others are born to stand out. And as far as Lumigon T3 goes, you wouldn’t categorize it as a normal phone or a Flagship killer, for that matter. As Lumigon T3 comes with a set of features no smartphone manufacturer would have contemplated working on.

Well, Lumigon T3 is here for them to reconsider.

Wikipedia says that Lumigon is a Danish smartphone company that produces high-end and premium phones.

Let’s take a look at the specs of this new Copenhagen-based smartphone and see how high-end Lumigon really is.

Case / Frame : Military grade Stainless steel. Gorilla Glass 4.

RAM : 3 GB.

Processor : MediaTek Helio X10 64 bit Octa Core processor that clocks at 2.2 GHz.

Memory : 128 GB Internal storage with no other options. (It’s not known yet whether it has expandable memory, oddly).

Display : 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display that comes with 720p resolution.

Operating System : Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Camera : 13 MP Rear Camera, but a less generous 5 MP Front Camera.

And among others, the phone also sports a double tap wake-up functionality that supports a number of languages. The phone is a complete sensor-package. It has a 360 degree fingerprint sensor.

The phone flaunts a GPS with GLONASS, Beidou, and ANT+ that will give you highly detailed location tracking experience.

The flash enabled main camera that functions at 13 MP can shoot slow motion videos at 120 fps. The 5 MP front camera has a flash option too.

Its super resilient shell is inspired from a penchant for military style products. So, clearly, this is not something for the people who would want most of their assets to be “cute”. But it exists that way for a reason. The shell is extremely dust and water resistant.

And lastly, for what it’s worth, Lumigon T3 entails Dual SIM facility.


Night Vision : It is pretty obvious that the reason why Lumigon T3 is making flashy headlines off late, is because of its snazzy Night Vision Camera, which cements the company’s name as the first smartphone with Night Vision enabled camera.

The Night Vision Camera supposedly captures objects in the darkest of places, thanks to its in-built Infrared flash support.


Back Touch : The phone has a back touch that can help you swipe photos, take selfies and scroll up/down the screen, which greatly optimizes your screen usage experience.


Remote Control : Lumigon T3 also claims to function as a remote control to all electronic appliances at your home via its IR blaster.


Hand-Wave Sensor : Here’s the best part and my personal favorite. You can snooze your annoying alarm every morning without taking the trouble of walking up to your phone and swiping your finger across the phone.

All you gotta do is wave your hand over the phone’s screen from a certain distance and you can drop dead, slip back into your sleep.



Well, here comes the numbers game. And it’s gonna hurt you. You’ve been warned.

The Lumingon T3, with its bare essentials, will cost you a hefty 740 dollars. You read that right. 740 dollars. ( $925 dollars in Europe).

The price goes further up for its other custom designs.

The Black Gold edition would cost you $1200, which is far-out.

And if that doesn’t overwhelm you. The Black Black, White Diamond, White Gold editions of the phone cost more than the already exorbitant Black Gold edition.

The Black edition of Lumigon T3 is now up for sale on the official Lumigon website and other select-few dealers. The Black Black and White Gold versions are set to roll out later this month.


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