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First Baby Born with three parents DNA using “3 parent technique”

This is the world’s first baby born with a new 3 parent technique The mother carries genes for leigh syndrome -a disorder that affects the developing nervous system

The disease genes reside in the mitochondria separate from the DNA of the nucleus
she had two babies before,but both died of the disease. so she sought help from john zhang, a fertility doctor in new york

He used a technique called spindle nuclear transfer to create embryos with healthy mitochondria

Zhang removed the nuclear DNA from one of the mother’s eggs and inserted it into a donor egg with healthy mitochondria

The resulting egg was fertilized with the baby’s father’s sperm they have created 5 embryos,one of which was implanted into the mother

The baby is now 5 months old and healthy the procedure is not legal in the united states so it was done in Mexico

After the first attempt of this successful 3-parent technique More 3 parent babies could soon follow, in the united kingdom where a similar technique was approved last year.


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