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Ghost Attends Horror Story Book Launch

Are you a Horror Movie Buff? OR, are you a bookworm who loves reading horror stories? Do you find Ghost Stories very interesting? Then, this is Just for You.

Out There …

There are an enormous number of stories and reports from across the globe that leave you doubtless that’ ghost experiences’or haunting experiences do exist. On the counter side, many rationalists are trying all that they can to rubbish claims that ghosts exist and some people still believe in ghosts, with some going so far as to have ‘ghostly experiences’ themselves. All this sounds quite sleazy given the present generation where daily life is not possible without the use of technology. It is quite surprising how these kinds of stories still manage to be the cold topic of conversions across various workplaces, communities, websites, books and even horror movies. Read on to know what happened at a book launch in a library in London.

Imagine yourself watching a horror movie all alone behind locked doors during midnight. All of a sudden the ghost from the film turns ‘real’ and walks past you in your room! Maybe you would scream at the top of your voice OR even run as fast as you can for your life? Even Worse- What if all exit doors were locked?

This actually happened in reality

A group of people was called for a horror story book launch. While the story unfurls, a ‘ghost’ appears from nowhere and finally vanishes into thin air. The group feels cold and sees a strange passing image. The group screams and runs for their life only to find the door locked!

Here’s a video about how people reacted when they thought they saw a ghost

This was an elaborate prank on a group of horror story enthusiasts invited for a book launch in London. It is not yet confirmed if the people in the flick were real actors or people unaware of the trick.


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