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NASA claims Blackout on Earth from Nov 15th to Nov 29th

This interesting news is more than a treat to all sky-watchers. If rumors are to be believed, we will all be in complete darkness from November 15th to November 29th.  The internet is full of rumors that US space agency NASA leaked information that the Earth will be pitch black from November 15th to November 29th. Dinos Mark reported the far-fetched claims. According to the website the apocalyptic event is caused by, “astronomical event between Venus and Jupiter”.

NASA claims 15 days of November complete darkness 

These two planets that are hundreds of millions of miles far from one another will be galactic neighbors that are so closely passing each other that they will almost seem to merge together. This will be for a short period of time. The website further says that according to the NASA report, the parallelism for the two planets Venus and Jupiter will only be separated by one degree.

Star of Bethlehem

The time for the planet Venus to revolve around the sun is 225 days, the earth revolves in 365 and Jupiter in 4,330 days. Hence this galactic alignment is quite rare. Earlier reports suggested that a string of Venus-Jupiter conjunctions is a similar series between the years 3 and 2 B.C. Their joint appearance became known to be the Star of Bethlehem.

The website adds, “Venus will pass to the southwest of Jupiter, causing Venus to shine 10 times brighter than Jupiter. The light from Venus will heat up the gasses on Jupiter causing a reaction. This will then cause and “unprecedented” amount of hydrogen gas to make contact with the burning Sun causing a massive explosion causing the said darkness on earth for the short period of time.

After that, the Sun will emit a massive amount of heat from its core and the celestial body will dim to a bluish color. Then slowly the sun will start getting brighter again and this will  take over 14 days to return to form.


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