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Ghost Attends Horror Story Book Launch

Are you a Horror Movie Buff? OR, are you a bookworm who loves reading horror stories? Do you find Ghost Stories very interesting? Then, this is Just for You. Out There … There are an enormous number of stories and … Continue reading

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First Baby Born with three parents DNA using “3 parent technique”

This is the world’s first baby born with a new 3 parent technique The mother carries genes for leigh syndrome -a disorder that affects the developing nervous system The disease genes reside in the mitochondria separate from the DNA of … Continue reading

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Mystery behind Monalisa Painting Revealed

Monalisa Painting : The one and only fascinating painting that is seen by copious people all over the world, used in several writings and novels and the one that made thought-provoking is none other than ‘Monalisa Painting.’ Just by listening … Continue reading

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Do Ghosts Really Exist? Interesting Facts about Ghosts

Most of the people believe that ghosts really exist in this world. The reason behind such beliefs is that about 6 out of 10 people across the world feel as if something is crawling over their body and makes them … Continue reading

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AI pilot intimidates US Air Force Colonel in simulated combats

Nick Ernst, a doctoral graduate from the University of Cincinnati, who is now the CEO of his startup “Psibernetix”, that admittedly specializes in AI systems development that suit any given need of the customer. But Nick Ernst didn’t create some … Continue reading

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Scientists pull off a miracle by converting plastic into liquid fuel

According to the latest reports of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, days when the World would be using fossil fuels, will be far from over. Not a shocker to the Scientists though. The Coal and Gas supplies will be running dry … Continue reading