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How to Set Your Animated Facebook GIF Profile Picture!

Facebook GIF Profile Picture: Facebook is the wonderful app that connects friends and people all over the world. And also it is the most rated popular app used worldwide. The Facebook team keeps on creating new stuff for its users to entertain them and makes them enjoy using the app. The new innovations help them to sustain the users to use the app and the number of user’s all over the world is increasing day after day. The new feature embraced by the Facebook team is the GIF Profile picture. Yes, you read it right. The Facebook now allows the user’s to upload the GIF animated profile pictures and share it on the network site.

How to set the Animated Facebook GIF Profile picture

The users can now set a seven second clip as the Display pick on Facebook and the users can now record a short looping video which is very much similar to a Vine or animated GIF. Use these GIF’s as the display picture for the first time ever.  The trail is being done in the UK on the animated GIF display pick. The users will very shortly be updated with the results. There is an excitement created by the users and if the user wants to try out the new GIF Image format on the Apple Device, he has to run the latest version if iOS on Facebook.

Select your profile firstly in order to check the feature. If the profile picture is located in the middle of the page, then this indicates that the new app is updated. Try to use the GIF on the page and tap on the profile picture. Then go ahead to upload the seven-second flashing video. And the brand new looping video will be played automatically without sound.  The users can further add emojis, text, and other snap chat rescue customization’s to their standard profile picture.


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