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Unlimited 4G Data Plan


Idea Offers Unlimited 4G Data Plan For Just Rs.1!

Reliance Jio has of late brought all its competitors on their toes due to the latest Reliance Jio has on offer for its customers. Many of the Telecom companies are losing customers due to the latest offers from Reliance Jio. The motto of Reliance Jio is to increase the customer base by 5 times in the following 2 years. However, now we see that the Telecom companies are coming up with various offers to keep their customers and stand up to the Reliance Jio Offers. The Telecom Giants are planning big and fast in order to keep their customers for the business to be open and running. The latest to join this Telecom competition race is none other than the network provider Idea. This network provider is offering customers Unlimited 4G data plan for just Rs.1/-.

How to avail this offer?

The answer is simple. The customers first have to call 411. Then the customers have to follow the instructions to get the offer. The customer can then enjoy the all of the benefits of this offer of the Unlimited 4G data plan for just Rs.1/!

The Clause in the offer

There is again a clause in this attractive offer. The clause is that the customer who has availed the offer can only use this offer for one single hour. In the one hour of download, the customer can download how much of data he would wish to. After exactly one hour, the offer expires and the customer cannot download any more data.

Unlimited 4G data Plan for just Rs.1/-

There is a limit to the unlimited 4G data plan for just Rs.1/- as the customer can do a maximum of three recharges on a single number. After the maximum count of three recharges for the unlimited 4G data plan for just Rs.1/- , the customer will not be eligible for next recharge.


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