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Jio SIM card


Important tips to make the Jio SIM card work in your smartphone

The Reliance Jio services are blowing the competition in the Indian market and have become very popular in very less time. Everyone are attracted to the great offers and the Reliance Jio Sim card is offered for free along with the benefits like “unlimited data, calls and messages for 3 months.” Many people are getting free Sim cards and most of them are facing the problem of Sim card not working on their phone. The troubleshoot is require many times to be done.

Reliance Jio SIM card not working ?

Avoid using Reliance Jio SIM cards if your phone is featured model and supports 2G or 3G. The Sim card doesn’t work on such mobiles which do not support 4G. If there is a case of showing Sim card not recognized, then the tip to follow under this case, ensure inserting the SIM in 4G compatible shot and restart the phone. Then remove the Sim and insert it again. If the SIM does not work even, then the Jio SIM won’t work further on your phone.

How to Activate Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card

 If the case is SIM recognized but so signal, then the user has to ensure that the SIM is in the primarySIm slot and the data is turned on along with the network settings set with LTE network to function. You can check the settings by going to the settings> mobile networks> preferred network type and adjust the settings as per needed. If still the signal is not implemented, there could be chases of software or hardware error or incompatibility to use the Reliance Jio SIM card on your mobile, technically your phone should support 4G to allow the Jim Sim card to work and you can further enjoy using the services offered by the company at reasonable prices.


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