Lost your phone? Get it back Here’s how !

lost phone

Oh, one of the worst things that can happen is losing your phone. The modern day phones contain very personal and sensitive information like credit card info, bank pin numbers, your social security number, photos and important contacts among other data that you hold close to yourself all day all night.  Although it is traumatizing, effort has to be made to try and retrieve your phone or at least block unauthorized access. These are multiple steps to make sure you get back your phone without much loss of information and time.

For Android phones:


  • The first important step is to lock your phone. to do this, go to Google settings->security. Then move to the Remotely locate this device->allow remote lock  tabs and enable them. Now you can lock your phone using a web browser and Google. Google “Find my phone”. Now google will locate your phone. You can lock it and even erase all information remotely.
  • Another way is to visit google.com/android/devicemanager and select lock or disable or clear all data from the device that is listed.
  • If your phone is a Samsung and you have registered into a samsung account, go to findmymobile.samsung.com/and similarly lock, clear or disable your mobile to prevent unknown access.
  • Don’t change your Google passwords immediately as a security risk is sensed and you will be limited access. Do change it after you have locked your phone as mentioned above.
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Lost my phone

Find the lost phone:

lost phone

This can be done using Google Maps by finding your phone’s location on Google Maps with a feature called  Location History. Visit Google maps location history. it is enabled by default on Android phones.

  • Login to your Google account as usual on the browser.
  • click on the calendar icon to search for a date usually the day you lost your phone.
  • Now Google will show its location from that date till today on the google maps.

Use lost android app.

lost android app lost phone

  • Download the app from Playstore and click install to start remotely install it into the stolen phone.
  • Activate the app by sending a text message with the text “androidlost register” to your phone.
  • Logon to official website androidlost.com  with the same google account as in your phone.Now click on view on map to accurately view its location.

For iPhones:

lost iphone


  • Find my iPhone to the rescue! you must’ve already enabled it on your phone by going to Settings->iCloud->Enable Find my iPhone
  • Now login to log in to your iCloud.com on a computer. Click on Find my iPhone.
  • Select the lost phone to disable. keep in mind that the phone may not be visible if in flight mode or if it is not turned on.
  • Now turn on lock mode and set a new 4-digit password. Send a message to your phone or as a lost resort, erase all data by clicking on remote wipe.
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Find lost phone:

  • Firstly try calling your phone. If a good Samaritan picks up, there are chances that you may get it back.
  • As mentioned above, login into Find my iPhone and select the lost device.
  • If your device is not listed, click on notify me when turned on so that you can start tracking when the phone is activated again. An email will be sent to you when that happens.
  • If active,it will show a location on the map. Make a note of it. This might be where you lost it.

General ways:

Use your phones IMEI number to track it on websites or let a Police officer step in to take care of it.

imei number iPhone

You could also post a status on social media asking if anyone has found your mobile.

Hope your phone’s missing fiasco has a happy ending ! Feel free to comment below, start a discussion thread or ask queries !

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