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Electronics are always redeeming themselves. No sooner you buy a gadget,than a newer,faster,meaner version of it drops into the market and you feel bad for not waiting a bit longer. But that is a vicious cycle. A wiser thing to do is to optimize your existing laptop and give it a little boost by following these steps. Read on…


Control-Panel-Uninstall-A-Program-Windows optimize laptop

This goes for any electronic,be it a laptop,a cell phone or whatever. Remove all the software that you don’t use. Clear up all the documents that are no longer needed. Delete unnecessary downloads and pictures. Recycle bin is your best friend. One more culprit that slows down your system is any pre-loaded,factory set software. If you don’t need it,(which is true in most cases)toss it ! You can have a quick glance at all the software installed on your laptop by going to Start->control panel->programs. You can uninstall at the click of a button now and optimize laptop.

Don’t over load your laptop.

Everything as its own limits. No matter how awesome you think your laptop is, it is better to look into its maximum processing speed and RAM capability and always do tasks that are lower than the maximum requirement.In your penchant to play that newest game which has a very complicated set of graphics and steps, you are making your graphics card, RAM and memory work way over time !

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Go incognito

incognito mode optimize laptop

If you are leisure surfing the net and will not need to trace back to a particular URL, then it is advisable to stop recording browser history as it takes up a lot of memory space. You can go incognito by pressing ctrl+shift+n in google chrome.

Give your laptop a deep-cleanup

clean ur laptop

You might be working through dust, hair and microbes. Yikes! Studies show that your laptop’s keyboard or your pone’s screen has more bacteria than a toilet seat!! Do yourself and your laptop a favor and send it to a service center to get it back all shiny and new and clean.The dirt is causing your laptop’s heat vents to be clogged up and unable to release heat out. This heats up the internal components and leads to noises and melt-downs. Avoid that.

Browser be best

Keep your browser neat  and tidy by clearing your history as and when possible and don’t install those nasty widgets and plugins. You will never or rarely use those installs and they take up a lot of memory and slow down the processor’s speed.  Plus, so many widgets look hideous on top/below the address bar.



Update your windows to make the most out of your system’s capabilities. You can say yes to automatic windows updates if you don’t have the time to search for individually best ones.

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Anti virus scan

anti virus

Scan your computer for any malicious software that are eating up your RAM or slowing down the speed on purpose.Microsoft security essentials or avast! are some great anti-viruses out there. Don’t install their browser plug-ins though.

Limit the number of programs that run at start up

notification area

Go to the notification area of the task bar and see if there are any programs running that you don’t want to start automatically.To stop auto-run   go to the the AutoRuns for Windows program and uncheck the checkbox next to the name of the program. Auto-runs usually delay the start up of the computer if it has many programs.

Defragment your hard disk, clean up your hard disk and fewer programs at a time. Turn off visual effects that although make your computer prettier,slower. Don’t forget to restart your computer often or at least once a week to clear up the junk out of your system. Feel free to comment, start a discussion thread or ask queries!

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