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PayPal Partners with Facebook


PayPal Partners with Facebook Messenger for Making Easy Payments

PayPal Partners with Facebook: One of the most popular online payment gateways Papal has partnered with the social media behemoth Facebook in order to provide various services to all the users across the world. It has now made an official announcement that it’s providing all the users to make use of an additional payment option via Facebook Messenger. As of now, PayPal only supports payments for all the users through debit cards. Now, this new move helps each and every individual to make payments via Messenger. The customers can make secure PayPal transactions through Facebook Messenger.

PayPal Partners with Facebook to Support in payments

In a bid to expand all its services to people over the world, the company has joined hands with Facebook Inc. It is pretty much simple to link PayPal account to Facebook and the Messenger. Besides this, the Messenger will provide an extra feature allowing the users get instant notifications regarding various transactions made on PayPal. Initially, PayPal offers this additional feature to all the users in the US and later expands to users across various countries. The customers can receive and handle various transactions on PayPal in a simple way. The details regarding the payments on Messenger are not just constrained to PayPal but the customers can make transactions using the info of their payment stored earlier within the bots of Facebook and Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Tracks all PayPal Transactions

Facebook has announced that it’s currently operating with various companies such as Visa, MasterCard, Stripe and American Express. Currently, PayPal has an active user base of 192 million all over the world. With the partnership, more than billion users using Facebook Messenger can avail the benefits offered by PayPal. Now, Facebook Messenger tracks all the transactions carried on this online payment gateway and provides receipts to the customers. According to the latest report, more than 40 percent of smartphone users in the US use Facebook Messenger platform.


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