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Personal Computer for Canines – DOG PC Features

Dog PC: For all of you pet lovers, this one is for you! As the saying goes, Dog is a man’s best friend. After several developments in special food, special training for dogs, hotel rooms for pets, pet travel, pet housing, kennel clubs, etc. Dogs are getting all top facilities available to his best friend. In this computer age, only people use computers and technology. Now that is history. Take a look at the latest Computer Designed especially for Dogs!

DOG PC Features

A company based in Hong Kong has developed this device. Tesla Technology Limited in Hong Kong once made a five-foot tall intelligent “dog home” shaped in a London model double-decker bus. This intelligent dog house was named T-Pai. This dog-friendly company plans an Indiegogo campaign in the next six months with the Dog PC priced from $400 to $500. This Dog PC is similar to PetCube. There are advanced built-in features like camera, speakers, and electronic food box. With the help of the Internet, the dog’s owner can monitor and feed the canines from afar off. The owner can give commands to keep back food in the box at food time, etc.

Personal Computer for Dogs!

The canine-friendly PC is a little computer made for the size of the four-legged dogs. This is not like a desktop or laptop. This can be compared to the latest touch-screen smartphone. It stands on the floor. The device caters to lonely dogs at home. The “Dog PC” is installed with game like ‘fruit ninja.’ Your dog is not lonely anymore when he is at home alone. He can swipe his paw and slash fruits. This is a good entertainer for dogs at home when their owners go out for work. This is a benchmark in ‘Dog Entertainment’ and goes a long way to entertain lonely dogs at home.


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