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Reliance Jio to roll out 4G VoLTE Feature Mobile Devices in India

Reliance Jio

In the current advanced technological world, almost all the people are moving towards smartphones. Everyone is looking to purchase high-end smartphones and on the other hand, many smartphone manufacturers are bringing new features for Android and iOS platforms for the high-end spec smartphones. Reliance Communications is planning to roll out new 4G VoLTE based feature phones in the country very soon. Now, the Reliance Jio is seeking to roll out 4G VoLTE feature devices that come in support with VoLTE facility in India soon. It is worth mentioning that the at the end of the year 2016.

Currently, the total of feature mobile phones owns a 56 percent of markets share. It calculated as a total number of units shipped to the country. One of the vital reasons for popular domestic mobile manufacturers such as Intex and Micromax are still making feature mobiles in this extremely advanced technological world. The popular smartphone makers are still manufacturing the feature devices in order to acquire market share.

Reliance Jio to soon Bring Feature Mobile Phones into Market

According to the latest news, the Reliance Company is looking to launch the new VoLTE Feature phones by the end of the year 2017 or in the first quarter of 2017. As per the survey, a huge number of people across the world still use good-working feature devices. In most of the rural areas, people use feature devices. Most of the people don’t wish using smartphones as there are some issues like less battery backup, not robust and durable for a long time and many other issues.

Most of the users use phones to communicate with one another via voice call. This is the major source of a mobile phone and almost 50 percent of people use the phone for that purpose. Reliance is seeking to launch 4G VoLTE feature phones in order to strengthen its power and authority in the market. The company has already launched Jio 4G SIM cards with a great offer of free voice calls and free mobile data. The company seems to launch feature phones with exclusive offers and benefits.


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