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Sound Shirt


Sound Shirt can help the Deaf Feel the Music

Technology has come a long way and so has fashion also come a long way. What you get when these two latest global industries clash. Something “unheard” of course! If you previously know how to listen to music, now you can Feel the Music.

Deaf Outfit

A company called CuteCircuit which is a London based technology and Fashion Company has developed a shirt for the deaf people. They can feel the music. Katy Perry successfully tested this “flashy” shirt. The attire is really flashy and flashes on the outside. Deaf people cannot listen or hear. For entertainment, we know there is sign language news for the deaf. They use hand movements and gestures to help the deaf know what they are talking. The deaf can also see movies without sound but still know what is going on. Until now, the deaf can’t imagine sitting in an orchestra or listening to music as they just cannot hear. This is not the case anymore as this shirt helps deaf people to feel the music.

Sound Shirt

The company produced around 100 prototypes of the “Hug Shirt”, a concept by CuteCircuit, over the last 10 years. Then the Jungen Symphoniker Hamburg which is a German orchestra brought out this latest shirt for the deaf. This is called the Sound Shirt. It is connected to a wireless computer system equipped with 16 motors. This picks up the sound from microphones placed on the orchestra stage. These 16 motors then vibrate with the intensity of the music being played. This helps the deaf to listen to the music, or rather feel the music that is being played in the orchestra. This was never possible earlier, but with this new innovative invention by the joint effort of a few hearing impaired people, German Orchestra, and CuteCircuit it is possible.


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