Spilled Something on your Laptop ?

Spilled Something on your Laptop ?

Spilling something on your laptop could be a nightmare for most of us . We just panic and don’t think about the necessary measures to be taken .

But yes, we have to act quickly. Every second counts.The components in your laptop could be damaged by the spill. The spill and electrical components are not compatible. The result of a spill could be variable both in terms of physical and electrical damage,ranging from short circuit to corrosion. If the spill contains honey or oil,the chances of rescuing your device are pretty slim. Milk would also be a disaster.

spilling on laptop

Here are some measures to be taken:

  • Make sure you disconnect the power supply. If you forget this step,it could lead to a lot of trouble.Any other peripherals should also be disconnected. Insulate yourself from static discharge.

Plug laptop

  • Use the power button to turn off your laptop .

power button laptop

  • Turn your laptop upside down and put it on a towel. Dry your device . Place it near a fan.A hair dryer can also be used .

laptop upside

  • Examine your keyboard.Learn it thoroughly.

laptop keyword

  • Make sure your hands are dry . Find something to clean the spill . The cloth used for this purpose should also be dry. Try to disconnect and clean any removable components.

claening laptop

  • Clean the spill and let it dry for a while .
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drying laptop

  • Reassemble all the components and turn on your laptop. If it doesn’t function,then contact any professional. If it is any sticky liquid that you have spilt, then there are well few chances to solve the problem by yourself.

So next time you face this problem, then give these techniques a shot .In order avoid such situations in the future , check out some waterproof options. Some products like silicone or clear plastic keyboard cover  and waterproof laptop screen protector will prevent future liquid mishaps. Also, carry a waterproof laptop backpack whenever you travel.

The video can be of great help :cleaning spills on your device Wish you luck in transforming your laptop into a dry and fully functional machine !

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