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WhatsApp Video Calling


WhatsApp Video Calling Feature for Beta Users

New WhatsApp Video Calling Feature 

WhatsApp Video Calling: WhatsApp is the leading chat application globally used by people at home, office, while traveling, and is available on many devices. Facebook is the owner of this Chat App. there was a recent change in the privacy policy and an announcement about the same. WhatsApp will share user data like mobile numbers and usage patterns, etc., with Facebook, the parent company in order to show relevant ads to users.

A Spanish website first noticed the WhatsApp feature. It was reported that a few beta testers saw a ‘video calling’ option on their Windows handsets. This new video-calling feature in WhatsApp is still in beta stage. This is available only for Windows now and may be soon available to iPhone & Android also.

Highlights of the WhatsApp Video Calling :-

When the user presses the ‘Call’ option on WhatsApp, there are two options:  ‘voice call’ and ‘video call’. The first option ‘voice call’ is a feature that is already in use. The second option ‘video call’ helps the user to view the video of the person he is calling via the chat app. The user is notified about the calls he missed. There is an interesting option available, i.e. to change the front camera to rear camera. In order to avail this feature, there is no need to update it in Play Store. This WhatsApp feature is enabled by default and does not need an app update like many other features of WhatsApp require.

What’s New in WhatsApp?

There are other new features rolled out for WhatsApp users similar to the features of Snapchat. This new feature comes for both iOS as well as Android users. The user can draw over an image as well as the video that is shot by the app’s camera. A user can even write text over the photo or image. Users can even put emojis over the videos and photos. This chat app introduced a new ‘Group Invite Link’ feature. This enables the admin user to invite others to a group chat by sharing a unique link with them.


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