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RGV Finally Announced a Biopic on Telangana CM

A biopic on Telangana CM : The sensational controversial director Ram Gopal Varma announced a film based on the biography of the Chief Minister of Telangana state. Yes, you heard it right!! RGV is very well-known for all the people as a controversial director who appears on the news often. Also, the director comments on other actors regarding their films and other interesting stuff. The director is unique in making his films wherein most of them involves horror and the movies that are in the vicinity to actuality.

RGV Controversial Tweets

RGV has done his masters in directing such criminal-based biopic movies and horror films. He is quite famous for creating controversies and debates among the favorite personalities, celebrities, film stars, cricket players and many others. He is fully active on his official Twitter handle by tweeting and reacting to every single situation. He made films of real life stories and biopic of many famous personalities.

Earlier, RGV made a movie titled Raktha Charithra as two parts based on the biography and life of Paritala Ravindra. The movie is a bilingual film featuring Vivek Oberoi and Suriya in the main lead roles. Now, he has planned to create a controversy once again by announcing a movie on the biography of KCR, the current Chief Minister of Telangana state. Just give a glance over the exciting news about KCR’s upcoming film.

Madhura Sreedhar Directs the Biopic on Telangana CM

Today, the director has taken his Twitter page to announce that Madhura Sreedhar will soon direct the biopic based on the life of K. Chandrasekhar Rao, the CM of Telangana. As per the latest reports, the title of the movie is RCK, which indicates that the film shows everything about KCR to the people who do not know the reverse of the CM.  In the picture, we can feature all the emotions of KCR, his inner heart. Through this film, all the people will know much about the chief minister. However, we need to wait and see whether this project goes on the floor or not.


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