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Tamannah Bhatia likes Woman Centric Roles

It is an amazing achievement for a female artist to score a half century in the male-dominated film industry. This beautiful and outstanding actress called Tamannah Bhatia started out at the tender childhood age of 15 as a film actress. She won the acclaim of critics and fans for her outstanding performance in movies like Dharma Durai and Oopiri to name a couple of them. In Baahubali recently she starred as Avanthika and donned the role of a bold girl. The rest of the historic period epic is taken forward by this character in the most recent and most talked about worldwide blockbuster movie Baahubali.


Then she did the Abhinetri which is a trilingual hit movie where she plays the role of Abhinetri. As she said that this movie was a very challenging role. This beautiful and successful actress is very careful while selecting the scripts that she acts in. she loves to add value to the script by featuring in those movies. She would like to select scripts that are noteworthy. Tamannah Bhatia recently confessed that she would love to be the center of woman-centric commercial movies.  As the fans and movie buffs love to watch movies for the entertainment factor and there is no one else but this beautiful actress to satisfy the role appropriately – Tamannah Bhatia.

Tamannah Bhatia

Until now I was the kinds of movie roles that she likes to done here after. Now this is what she does not like is roles that are typical song and dance movie sequences. She would love to deal and feature in various centric movie scripts. Till date this beauty who has acted in a number of film industries has acted in over 50 movies. She recently expressed that she would like to build her career in woman-centric films we wish she gets roles she likes.


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