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Tarak Ratna Faces Allegations On Taking Fancy Number 9999

Taraka Ratna recently purchased a car for which he procured a fancy number plate with 9999 number.  It is said that he paid Rs. 6 lakh to acquire the fancy number.  In order to get his hands on the number he participated in the online bidding conducted by RTO officials and got the number from Narasaraopet RTO office.

Nandamuri family is a bit conscious when it comes to numerology.  Nine is the lucky number for Nandamuri family and they make sure to include number 9 in anything they choose, especially when it comes to the number plate.

They try their best to get their hands on the number they like.  In the past, Jr. NTR also did the same.  He bought his favorite number in online bidding for Rs. 10 lakhs.

Tarak Ratna gets fancy number 9999 in online bidding 

The recent buzz is that Tarak is involved in some sort of issue to buy the number.  He is now facing allegations that he used his fame to get his hands on the number without following the proper procedure like others.

There are also allegations saying that along with using his fame, he also used the authoritative way to get the fancy number.  Though Tarak Ratna does not have a house in Narasaraopet, he opened an account there and submitted it as the address proof in the RTO office to get the fancy number.

On the other hand, the way the number got allotted created much buzz.  It is officially announced that Tarak purchased the fancy number for Rs. 6 lakhs, but now it is said that he does not pay much to get the number, not even the market value and brought it for just Rs. 50, 000.  He is allotted with the AP07 CW9999 number.

These are just rumors that were doing rounds and they might just end up as fabrications.


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