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Two Habits of Shruti Haasan Helping Her Get Progress in Career

People usually memorize their childhood memories whenever we start discussing the early days. Just like common people, Shruti Haasan started remembering her childhood days and also says that her early days are letting her take further steps in her career. Getting into a deeper discussion, Shruti Haasan revealed some of her memories that happened during her young age. She said that during school days, she had a unique habit and behavior compared to other students in her school. Some of them are quite childish and funny as well.

Shruti Haasan Career

Shruti Haasan allegedly used to say stories frequently in a spontaneous way. Also, whenever she had homework given by her teachers, she never used to show it to their parents at home. Instead, she had a sort of mind to do her things all by herself without taking or expecting for any other’s assistance. It is a kind of individuality that Shruti had developed in her since her childhood days. Earlier, her parents used to scold her for being that way. She now feels happy for being so individualistic at her young age.

The reason is that the immature practice is still enduring in her and she feels quite happy as her habits are helping her life after growing up. She never expected that her young age customs and behavior helps her now. During her young age, Shruti said some stories based on her thoughts and now that habit is driving her to think in a unique and innovative manner. The habit of doing her homework by herself is now assisting her and building confidence in Shruti in taking her own decisions. These two habits in Shruti show a massive impact on her career and life as well. Currently, Shruti is quite busy in shooting for the upcoming films Katamarayudu and Singam 3.


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