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Upasana Invests Whopping Amount of Rs. 80 Crore for Charan

Upasana Kamineni, the wife of young hero Ram Charan from the Tollywood film industry. Upasana is the granddaughter of Dr. Pratap C Reddy, the Chairman and Co-Founder of Apollo Hospital. She got married to Ram Charan in the year 2012. Earlier, during their marriage, there were several gossips and rumors regarding their wedding. Some of them are Ram Charan married Upasana only for the sake of property and not more than that. But, Ram Charan simply declines all those rumors saying that they are just baseless.

After tying a knot with Ram Charan, Upasana Kamineni turned out to become Upasana Konidela, the daughter-in-law to Mega Star Chiranjeevi. Upasana completed her education in London Regents College and currently she is a businesswoman. She is the Vice President of Apollo Group of Hospitals in the city. She also handles different businesses apart from the hospital.

Ram Charan to Separate from Father’s House

The current latest news is that some media people interviewed Upasana, the wife of Ram Charan. During the interview, she revealed some interesting news about her husband Charan, Chiranjeevi and Apollo Hospital as well. She also disclosed that she is planning to have a kid soon. After the completion of the construction of their new house, the family expands to their family. She also said that they will soon move to the newly constructed house soon after the construction finishes.

This is the hot topic of the discussion in the Tollywood film industry. As per the latest reports, the new house comprises of all sorts of facilities such as swimming pool, Tennis court, gym, office and other essential facilities. As of now, Upasana is looking after all those things and is also seeking to design in international style. Also, Upasana is taking care of the interior designing. For all these, she invested a whopping amount of Rs. 80 Crore.


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