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Vijaya Nirmala Filed Case

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Vijaya Nirmala Files Case on Three Real Estate Businessmen

Senior yesteryears actress and director Vijaya  Nirmala lodged a complaint with the Jubilee Hills police. She alleged that she was cheated by three business men from a real estate company. The police booked a case on her complaint for defaulting repayment of loan.

Why Was The Case Filed?

Three businessmen, reportedly business partners of the real estate company Vision Meadows Estates and Developers have cheated Southern Cinema actress Vijaya Nirmala.  The three businessmen – Srinivasa Raju, Bhadra Raju, and Seetarama Raju failed to repay a hand loan for the amount of Rs. One Crore. The senior actress gave the three businessmen the amount was way back in the year 2007. After borrowing the loan amount from the Southern senior actress they still did not repay the loan amount.  They recently gave her a cheque in order to repay the loan amount.  The cheque bounced when she deposited the cheque in the bank. Vijaya  Nirmala has reportedly lodged a complaint with Jubilee Hills Police Station against the three business partners of Vision Meadows Estates and Developers. She has reportedly filed a cheating case against these three real estate businessmen.

Vijaya Nirmala Files Cheating Case

Vijaya Nirmala is the beloved wife of senior veteran Tollywood actor Krishna. Both Krishna and Vijaya Nirmala were already married before they got married to each other. She debuted in movies as a child artiste. Her father too was a producer. As an adult, her first movie was Tamil hit was Engaveettu Penn. She met her second husband in her second movie, a Telugu movie called Saakshi after which they acted together in 47 movies.  The senior actress also acted in 200 other movies in various languages like Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. She has also directed many regional movies including Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. Apart from acting and direction, she also produced 15 movies under her own production house called Vijaya Krishna Movies. She now manages Padmalaya Studios and Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd.


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