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Baahubali IT Raid

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Vijayendra Prasad Speaks on Baahubali IT Raid

Since the release of the historical period epic movie SS Rajamouli‘s Baahubali this historical epic period, a movie has been making a hell lot of news. With the news about this big budget movie in the media reports all across the world and also the talk of social media ever since the release of Baahubali: The Beginning. Form the visuals to the acting and direction and the list goes on. Finally, it was the movie that was in the news. Now the latest to give attention to the Baahubali movie makers is none other than the IT department itself who came over to the sets to conduct an IT raid there.

Baahubali Shooting Happens as IT Raids is On

Reportedly certain sections from the mainstream media (which have quoted certain sources in the IT department) reported that almost or something around Rs. 70 Cr may have been allegedly recovered from the ‘Baahubali’ movie makers on Friday. The writer Vijayendra Prasad notified the English language daily about the financial dealings with respect to the historic big budget film was always clean. SS Rajamouli’s father also has said that there were no cash payments made to the actors or to the technicians who were working for the movie. The IT sleuths were busy in their raids on Friday when the busy team ‘Baahubali’ was actually shooting.  The writer Vijayendra Prasad was quoted saying that there will not be any change of schedule. He also said that the film will be wrapped up by December as earlier planned.

Baahubali: The Conclusion

With the writer Vijayendra Prasad confirming that there will not be any changes to the schedule and all will go as per prior plan, the shooting will be wrapped up by the end of this December 2016. Shooting is definitely going on at a fast pace even though such kind of raids happening.


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