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AI pilot intimidates US Air Force Colonel in simulated combats

Nick Ernst, a doctoral graduate from the University of Cincinnati, who is now the CEO of his startup “Psibernetix”, that admittedly specializes in AI systems development that suit any given need of the customer. But Nick Ernst didn’t create some … Continue reading

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FIFA 17 New Team additions New controls explained

Three months ahead of the much awaited International gaming phenomenon EA FIFA, EA Sports made an official statement on its website outlining a range of changes, inclusions, modifications that would be reflected in the game’s upcoming instalment. The major revamp … Continue reading

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Scientists pull off a miracle by converting plastic into liquid fuel

According to the latest reports of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, days when the World would be using fossil fuels, will be far from over. Not a shocker to the Scientists though. The Coal and Gas supplies will be running dry … Continue reading

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Secure you Facebook account by changing settings

There are hackers everywhere. Especially on Facebook,hackers are a nightmare . Once someone hacks your Facebook account,they have access to your personal information,your friends and all your messages . They can do anything with it . Yes, that is the … Continue reading

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Google Allo, a smart messaging app

With apps like Snap Chat, communication has something to do beyond words and something more interesting. Good news is that, now you will be able to use new apps to chat through pictures. A messaging app called Allo, a smart … Continue reading

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Google Assistant and its features

Google CEO Sunder Pichai talks about future where there will be more of talking to devices. Sources say that around 20 percent of the queries on Google are performed through voice command. Functions like Google Now make up larger percentage … Continue reading

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Sharing your passwords in a secure way

Sometimes it is necessary to share your passwords with your family and friends .There could be any case of an emergency where they would need access to your key online accounts.Sharing your passwords in such cases plays a vkey role.It could … Continue reading

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HP Spectre Slimmest Lappy ever in India this month

HP’s newest product release could be defined as a slap in the face of the Apple Laptop industry. Or maybe, that is a little too harsh. But the numbers (laptop thickness) pack enough punch for the fellow laptop competitors to … Continue reading

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Google’s Duo ,a Video-calling app with Knock,Knock

With the launch of some great apps, video chatting across nations, has become more feasible across nations.Google has launched it simpler and better video chatting app, which is named as ‘Duo’. This app will work not only on Android devices, … Continue reading

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Best Tips for Cleaning your Cell phone

Did you know that your phone could contain Bacteria?Yes,it could. The best option to solve this problem is to make sure you clean it regularly. Wipe your phone Regularly: Make sure that you wipe your mobile regularly with a clean … Continue reading

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