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Hotel for the Dead

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The Dead can check into this Hotel before they Rest in Peace

There are hotels all over the world. There are various and different hotels. Why is this hotel making news? The answer to these questions is to cater to the needs of the aged population in the country of Japan and at the same time, the shortage of crematoria. In Japan, people are dying faster than before. A family has to put up the dead body in ‘dead hotel’ until they find a suitable crematorium. Due to the number of people dying at a faster pace than before, the crematoria is less. Hence, bodies are piling up on top of each other. This has given rise to a new business in the cold country of Japan called the funeral industry. A Buddhist Monk opened a ‘hotel for the dead’ to assist families in planning funerals for their dearly departed ones.

Rising Death Rate

In Japan, Around 20,000 people are expiring each year. This sudden rise in death rate is expected to go higher in the years to come. It is estimated to go up to almost 1.7 million a year by the year 2040.  Japan will have around 20 million fewer people by then except for a few immigrants. Hotel Lastel in Japan offers rooms with refrigerated coffins for the deceased till they can finally rest in peace in the crematorium. This comes at a cost. Hotel Lastel charges $157 a day.

Hotel for the Dead

These are a blend of hotel and morgue to store the dead people. There is no space for the crematorium to be built, so these hotels are expanding the business.  Residents do complain as one such hotel does not refrigerate the dead but keeps air conditioned rooms. One such place is called Sousou where a family has to pay around $82.00 or 9000 Yen each day for four days to stay a dead relative in one of the 10 rooms in the building.


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