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Hillary Clinton troubles with the issue of Private Email

Hillary Clinton, the American Democratic Party politician seems to fall into more and more troubles on the issue of Private Email. This issue is getting bigger and intensifying day by day in a rapid way. Hillary Clinton, when working as a Foreign Minister between 2009 and 2013, she used a Private Email Server and Software. As of now, Federal Bureau of Investigation is handling the investigation process. In the recent times, they have found some emails of that period on the Laptop of the Vice Chairwoman of Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin’s Ex-husband Anthony Weiner.

For this issue, the FBI officials decided to re-investigate the case once again. While investigating the case of Anthony Weiner’s sexual harassment, they reportedly found these e-mails. FBI acquired a warrant on Sunday to search the emails of Huma along with her ex-husband’s laptop. On the other hand, some news has been shown in the media saying that there are more than 6, 50, 000 emails.

Hillary Clinton Email Issues

Apparently, Harry Reid, the senior United States Senator from Nevada and an American Politician stated that FBI intentionally started the re-investigation to show some impact and influence on US Presidential Election 2016 going to take place in 8 days. He also said that James Comey, the FBI director is disobeying law and order. At the same time, John David Podesta, the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign posed questions saying that FBI is deliberately planning to raise issues.

Donald John Trump, the American Republican Party Politician, enhanced his criticisms and blamed on Hillary. As per the latest reports, the power of Hillary over Trump is diminishing day by day. There are 50-50 chances for the leading politicians to become the President of America in the upcoming elections 2016. As per the reports from New York Times Survey, Trump has huge possibilities to win in Florida. However, let’s have to wait till the day of elections and the official result.


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