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New French Law Sending Emails after Work Hours is Illegal

Emails after Work Hours : Good, news for employees! After a long day at work, having to check work-related email is such a pain in the neck. Even worse is working on a peaceful holiday. The whole idea of spending time with family on that one day in the week is a nightmare for many. If you are familiar with the above, then this one is for you.

Employees to Get Similar Benefit?

France is one country where the employee gets 16 weeks of paid family leave in a calendar year and can also avail 30 Days Off.  Now, companies cannot send emails to its employees after the work hours. The French people have welcomed the new law. For now, companies violating the law may not face a penalty.

Company Culture

Many people do not have an intention of “working” when they are not at work or they are on holiday. When the boss sends emails after work hours or on weekends, employees think a prompt response is required. Maybe the boss will be impressed once you respond promptly. This belief is spread through the whole workplace and later spreads to other places of work. Last but not the least everybody is certainly looking for an edge in their respective career.

Great Performer Or Workaholic

In other words, ‘’chaining’’ employees to work 24/7 is not good for the employee or the employee. This company culture of being connected in off-work hours is a sign of a good performer. But never disconnecting is a sure sign of a workaholic.

Due to people unable to manage their work-life balance, they are finding it more difficult than ever before to cater to their personal life needs which recent studies suggest. Indian IT Employees are all excited by this law. They are eagerly waiting for this to be implemented here in India. We hope that our wish will be fulfilled soon sometime.


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