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Political Rivals Trump & Hillary Rejoiced Together at a Party

A revolutionary war is going on between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the President position in the upcoming United States Elections 2016. On 8th November, the Presidential Elections 2016 scheduled to organise in the US. Till now, a huge debate and the political war of words reached peak levels. In fact, Donald and Hillary were very close friends earlier. You can check out the proof of the kinship the two powerful political leaders. The people from the US definitely jolt upon looking at this photograph.

Donald Trump is an American businessman and married Melania Trump in the year 2005. Hillary Clinton along with her husband attended the wedding reception of Donald Trump. During that function, the two pairs enjoyed and shared their happiest moments. Just look at the photo given below featuring the two couples rejoicing the wedding occasion.

Hillary & Trump’s Close Alliance

In a bid to expand his business associations, Trump had connections with political leaders in the state. For that reason, Donald invited Bill Clinton, the Former President of the United States. Bill graced the party along with his wife Hillary. During the party, Trump announced a huge donation for the Clinton Foundation. Despite, the picture shows Hillary and Donald as the best friends, the duo are fighting for the position of President as the prime Political nominees.

In order to acquire more number of votes, both Hillary and Donald are placing more pressure on the voters in the US. Hillary is in the race as a democratic Nominee and on the other hand, Trump is contesting as a Republican nominee for the upcoming US Elections 2016. Interesting news about Donald Trump is that the leader had earlier changed his nominations for a total of 7 times. Trump nominated in various parties like Republican, Democratic and Independent.


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