4 Situations Where G Suite Backup Comes in Handy

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Does your business or company rely on G Suite and its many collaboration, productivity and cloud computing software and tools?

If so, then you’ll definitely need the G Suite backup. Even if G Suite is only one part of your daily operation, you’ll be glad to have it when you come upon these situations:

1. Keeping Sensitive Information

Sharing sensitive documents and data to another employee, team member or department is not unusual. After the project or task is completed, the document gets deleted in order to protect the company. But what happens when the file itself is the master and there’s no original copy?

G Suite backup acts as a cloud-to-cloud backup in this case, allowing you to retrieve the file for safekeeping purposes in as little trouble.

2. Your Data Center Comes Under Attack

Ransomware is a serious threat that all organizations must protect against. The malicious software can quickly lock up your network files and hold them under an encrypted key known only to the attacker.

Having a backup platform can prove to be a lifesaver in this case. Combined with up-to-date ransomware protection, you can recover quickly and get back on track with minimal interruption.

3. Your SaaS Shuts Down

Your SaaS, or software as service application is an indispensable part of business operation, but what happens if there’s an outage?

It’s not enough that you get individual backups, e.g., an Office 365 backup for each of your platforms. More importantly, if you or your employees are using one or more of Google’s apps, then the G Suite backup becomes an essential part of the process.

4. When Your Device Gets Lost or Stolen

G Suite’s data and device policies allow you to use multiple devices. While this is convenient, the downside is that all that data gets exposed if your laptop or smartphone were stolen.

Backup software can bring back deleted data to minimize the damage of a theft or any unfortunate incidents that could happen.