4 TV Trends That Are Sweeping the Broadcast Industry

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A huge part of the entertainment industry is video and TV, and technology is now the driving force of innovation within the niche.

Take a look at the trends that are sweeping across the globe:

Interactive Augmented Reality

Immersion lies in technology’s ability to provide a complete sensory and auditory experience. Augmented Reality provides a somewhat half real and half graphical image world that makes the viewer feel more involved.

Clever broadcasting companies can add to this technology to maximize audience participation. It’s a whole new experience if some of the elements can be manipulated to some effect.

Virtual Reality

VR, or virtual reality is making its way not just in games but in TV as well. Nowadays, one can strap on a virtual headset and view a computer-generated world. It proves to be especially effective in sports, where one can watch the action as if the game were happening in front of them. Statistics and player data can be viewed on the rafters or virtual boards.

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Data Analytics

Big data analytics is not just another fancy word- it aids smart viewership so companies can provide better content. Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services use it so they can create a niche and better variety. Behavioral data is collected from multiple sources and interpreted for end-user preferences.


In essence, virtualization is all about creating an environment where independent services can share on platform. Cloud-based broadcasting, where content are kept in public clouds for a smoother viewing experience are becoming a possibility. Cloud solutions will be spearheading advancements in TV and broadcasting.

Cloud utility models can turn broadcasters into entities that deliver aggregated content. Companies such as Disney, ABC and others have begun making the shift from traditional signal broadcasting into virtualization, with excellent results.