All-Time Tamil Romantic Songs You Can Listen To

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There is no season for romance, and the same goes for romantic songs. You can listen to them throughout the year on occasions when you feel loved. These occasions can either be when you meet the love of your life, or when you want to express your love to them. Even if you are single, you can listen to these songs and expect to meet your love soon. Here is a list of the best Tamil romantic songs that will remind you of love, irrespective of your life situation. You can listen to them online, or if you want to download these songs for easy access, you can visit masstamilan and download mp3 songs from there.


7UP Madras Gig bought this song in mid-2018, and since then, it has made a permanent place in people’s playlists. If you have somehow missed this song, you should download it right away. It will give you a feeling of being loved instantly. Also, it has become so popular that no matter where you go, you will find someone listening to it. And we are pretty sure that you will not want to miss on such a gem song.

Mazhai Kuruvi

This romantic song is the correct choice for you if you are dealing with a heartbreak. It will give you instant peace, and you will feel better after listening to it. During this song, STR was going through the pain of losing a loved one in the film Chekka Chivantha Vaanam. So it depicts the feelings of the actor well, and you can quickly relate to them.

The song feels poetic, which makes it more romantic than any other song. Also, it has been sung by the legendary AR Rahman, who made the delivery of the words merely perfect.

Ennadi Maayavi Nee

In 2018, the movie Vadachennai bought this song into the market. The reason behind the popularity of this song was its singer Sid Sriram. He managed to give it the song a harmonious aspect with his magical voice. If not with someone, you will definitely fall in love with Sid’s voice in this song. In short words, the track will serve as a love fairy in your life who will lend you her love wings. So download it right away and listen to it on repeat, so you will know what we are talking about.

Bodhai Kodhai

The singers Sanjith Hegde and Karthik bought this song in 2018 as a solo release. The song depicted a person who calls his girlfriend ‘Bodhai Kodhai,’ as her presence and love made him feel intoxicated. Also, he mentions that he loses his control when he is with her. Especially if you are a fan of Atharvaa, then this sensual track is the perfect fit for your playlist. We are pretty sure that you will fall in love with this man after listening to the song.

Kaathalae Kaathalae

While most recent films have been focusing on intimate scenes, ‘96’ was a classic romantic film that you can watch with your loved one. The film starred Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha, two batchmates who meet after 22 years. The fact that they were a couple at the time of their high school makes the whole reunion scene interesting. The entire album of the movie 96 was heart-throbbing. However, this was the most melodious song because of its pleasing violin phrase. The composer Govind Vasantha did not leave any string in the song that would hit the listeners directly into their hearts.

There are several other forever-romantic songs that you can listen to. However, these were the top five from that list. So visit the website and download the songs so that you can listen to them whenever you want.