Are online gaming arcades based in Cyprus legal?

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This year, the new State Gambling Treaty came into force. Casinos now have the option of acquiring a US gambling license. This raises the question for most players whether it is still legal to play on a portal with a foreign license and based in Cyprus according to Horsebetting.com USA.

New regulation of online casinos

Currently, the scene around gambling on the net and sports betting is in a process of upheaval. This has been ensured not least by the US government. Meanwhile, the gambling houses have the opportunity to acquire the official US license. This is intended to counteract the previous gray area. Respectable online gaming arcades strive to present their offer as transparently and safely as possible.

US versus foreign license

However, this does not mean that foreign headquarters and licenses are illegal per se. Players in this country still have the chance to play on a portal with a foreign headquarters. In this area, there has been a legal gray area for many years, which did not make it easier for the federal government in particular to control online casinos. Essentially, it is about the security-related criteria of the providers. The portals that are reputable and trustworthy are those that focus on transparency with regard to the fees and costs incurred and, in turn, protect the data of their players.

There are different supervisory authorities from which the casinos get the coveted license papers. This includes the financial supervisory authority in Cyprus. Other popular countries for online casinos include the United Kingdom and Malta. These inspection bodies are just as reputable and reliable as the US supervisory authority. In the long run, however, it will be easier for each individual user to track licensing in the US.

What makes a reputable casino in the US?

What remains unchanged are the bonuses and discounts that primarily new customers enjoy when they create an account on a portal. The selection of perks is huge and ranges from free spins to a money-saving welcome bonus to combination offers. However, the good bookmakers do not neglect their loyal regular customers and list lucrative reward schemes on their portals.

In the case of providers with a German license, users benefit not only from high quality and a wide selection of players. The German company headquarters also makes itself positively felt with a english-speaking customer support. Anyone who has a question just no longer has to wait for his e-mail to be answered in English. He can talk to a German customer support and expect quick help. The same applies to the help section on the gaming portals. Here, the casinos with the German license are required to provide concrete offers of help and to help all the players who have questions about the gaming offer.

An important criterion for the decision is the player selection. The well-known providers score here with a wide range of offers. The most popular slot machines are available for users to choose from, as are sports betting or classics such as roulette and poker. In the best case, the portal provides a tutorial area where it is possible to first familiarize oneself with the functions and settings before betting one’s own money.