Automobile Accident Attorney Costs in Idaho

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Every year, around 2 million people suffer major automobile accidents in the United States. These accidents apart from a potential irrecoverable loss of life, often lead to pain, hefty medical bills, loss of income, and sometimes lifelong injuries. In order to recover these costs in accident-prone states like Idaho, one must consider hiring an Idaho car accident attorney. Average fees for car accident attorneys range from 25% to 40% of the total settlement. Below are three advantages a lawyer brings to the table.

Legal Navigation

Accident cases are often complex legal matters due to their potential liabilities. For example, an average cost of settlement in US can range from $16,000 to $30,000. What this means is, the other party, third parties like insurance parties, and costs like hospitals are going to present you with a hefty bill. While in theory, third parties like insurers are there to help you, recovering your costs will present a major challenge without due knowledge of the legal process. Furthermore, without this knowledge, you may end up paying for major costs like medical bills out of your own pocket. Hence, you need legal expertise on your side, in order to navigate the legal process successfully.

Comparative Negligence

The legal framework in relation to automobile accidents in Idaho works on the principle of comparative negligence. What this means is – your ability to recover your settlement amount depends on your relative fault in relation to the fault of the other party. For example, if your settlement claim is for $100,000, and the jury members determine that you were at 30% fault, you will become eligible to receive $70,000 in compensation. Due to this law, and jury system, it is paramount to present a strong legal case, and it is the only way to ensure you can survive long term damage to your property, body, mental health, and in short term, clear hefty bills like medical.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly as many as 21% were involved in a major car accident in Idaho due to distracted driving. Moreover, 15% caused an accident due to failing to follow simple procedures like failing to yield. So, despite what we would like to believe, most people commit at one or the other fault while driving. Now, here is the kicker – driving while distracting is one of the hardest claim to prove. Whether you have been hurt due to such a driver, or you caused an accident, you will need a lawyer by your side to navigate the legal system to bring attention to your cause.