Best Solutions for a Sofa-cum Bed

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Sofa cum beds combine two different needs into a seamless solution. They not only provide comfort during relaxation but also are good to sleep in when the situation demands. They save on space while some are so creative that they form part of the room’s decor. Here are some of the top sofa cum beds solutions.

L Shaped Sofa Cum Bed

This is the most functional sofa cum bed in the market. It passes as a normal sofa, but it has a delicate detached part on its side, forming an L shape. This part occupies almost a quarter of the sofa, but it has no backside. It comes in handy in extending the width of the sofa and turning it into a fully functional bed.

Bold Bella Sofa Cum Bed

This is a bed with a chair design that passes as a sofa. It has a single cushion, which becomes a perfect mattress. Its backboard is thin and not heavily padded, which leaves more room for the bottom panel. This makes sofa cum beds spacious and comfortable to sleep on. It is mostly brightly colored to fit in well with other living room furniture while serving its purpose.

Futon sofa Cum Bed

A futon sofa bed does not disguise its side function. It comes with bed railings, which are folded in three parts. One part is the base of the sofa, the other is the backside, and the remaining props up the backside. These parts are interlocking, making a seamless transition from a sofa into a bed. The mattress is folded into itself, thus serving as the sofa seat and back cushion for comfort. The futon cum sofa bed stretches out to be a low but complete bed with extra comfort and wide area.

Sectional Sofa Cum Bed

The sectional sofa bed hides its compartment as a padded footstool for the sofa. This makes for one stylish and comfortable sofas in the living room. However, the sections are rearranged to add to the length of the sofa, turning it into an equally comfortable bed. It has low side arms which take a pillow without adding a high angle to the head. The cushions are also thick and square, which allows them to fit snugly into each other. This maximizes the comfort by forming a single unit similar to a mattress.

Convertible Sofa Cum Bed

The convertible is the most sophisticated solution to sofa cum beds present. It hides both functions seamlessly, and it is difficult to tell one apart from the other. It has a hinge joint that supports the back of the sofa. Two side-arms protrude from the sofa, which ensures maximum comfort from the convertible. It also comes complete with two throw pillows for extra comfort and support. The sofa slants through the hinges allowing the back panel of the sofa to seamlessly align with the seat forming a flatbed. The side arms are dropped to the floor for extra support while the throw pillows become the pillows.