Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review

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In the gaming world, where many youth trending games of the battlefield are outbreaking with the records. CS: GO (Counterstrike: Global Offensive) is also one of the best games developed by the valve on 21 August 2012. It is ranked fourth in counterstrike gaming streams. 

This is a multiplayer counter global offensive action game. Counter-Strike maintains the original strike experience and provides the players with the real source experience. It is considered one of the best multiplayer games, a player can have good control over the game.

The global offensive began development in March 2010, and Counter-Strike is the best international offensive game to experience. In 2018, the offline version of the game was launched, and on 6 December 2018, the game was made fully free to play.

The new version of the game also introduced the battle royal mode called “Danger Zone.” CS: GO is one of the best FPS games. The game has two types of teams Terrorists and the Counter Team.


Counter strike can be played offline but striking online provides a fantastic gaming flow. The animation of this game gives the player a new and real sense of power. There are two types of levels in the counterstrike game and two types of competition in the game.

The game’s minimum requirements are that it runs on a PC having an excellent operating system and has windows 7, fast pre-processor, and a good graphics system.

The casual level is for the new players and gives them new experiences between the levels. After Winning the level, players can purchase the weapons, armors, and many other beneficial products required in the game for the money they earned.

The game map system shows the right direction to the player and helps the team players coordinate appropriately by finding their mate locations by rotating the map. The player is provided with many skills and operations included flying Scotsman, trigger, stab zap, hunters-gatherers, and massive assault suits.

A player can chat with friends for good coordination and planning. The game has good sound effects and 3D graphic experience. An enemy team fixes the bomb, and the counter team diffuses the bomb. There is also a ranking system in CSGO. To earn the first rank, you will have to win ten placement matches at the limit of two per day, and then it allows you to reach different levels.


Before CSGO was free, people used to buy it and then play the game – that automatically meant entry to CSGO Prime Account. Now you have to play for 21 levels and then have prime account – or you can just simply buy one. CSGO Smurf accounts is an alternative account used by players for one game itself. Using this they can pair up against inexperienced players, win against them and level up easily. You can also easily buy csgo smurf accounts from smurfuniverse


Every game has benefits and some disadvantages too, so in this game, the disadvantage is that a lot of unnecessary talk from the public side can disturb. Moreover, it should focus more on team compatibility and the bomb diffusion system, which is very slow in the game.

However, CSGO has been showing rapid growth in the eSports community, which lacked a dominant shooter. CSGO is also useful in twitch and steam accounts. CS: GO also organized tournaments and provide real gaming experiences. The CS: GO launched “Trust Factor” to let the community bond back in matchmaking. This is all about the CSGO that everybody should know, and they will find it interesting.