Do not Get Stressed If You Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction Problem

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Often men may get highly stressed up, if they find that they are not good enough in the bed while performing sex with their girl friend or spouse. Remember that, you are not just alone suffering from such problem, but 18 million among the American men suffer from ED.

Though, with your age, your ability to maintain hardness may diminish due to changes in hormone, but that should not be the cause for worry. Drugs like Cialis can help you to achieve the required erection before you go for sex.

Often your stress and few other psychological problems can also result in sexual dysfunction. Even if you prefer to take any treatment for this problem, then your success rate will depend upon your mental condition.

Increased level of stress will not only cause erectile dysfunction, but can also give rise to many cardiovascular diseases like high BP, high cholesterol, heart disease or even obesity.

If you are taking any medications to get rid of your ED problem then you must remember the following few things:

1. Take your medication 30 – 60 minutes before sex

Most of the FDA approved drugs are available for treatment of ED will take minimum 15 – 60 minutes time to show their effect. Therefore, if you are planning to have sex then you must take this drug before this time.

Taking immediately before sex may not work and you may be in an awkward situation. So, you must try to take it earlier so that you can confidently call your girl-friend for having sex.

2. Try to avoid taking ant fatty meals

Your medication for erectile dysfunction may become less effective, if you have the habit of eating fatty meals. Some amount of fat may be ok, but it should never be in excess. So, avoid taking burger, omelet, or fatty steak too often.

However, many people often may not be satisfied without taking sufficient fatty food, in such case you may take such foods during breakfast or lunch, but avoid taking during night, when you are planning to take the drug.

3. Do not panic if it does not work well for the first time

Often these drugs may not work for the first time in the way you have expected due to many different reasons. Mostly due to psychological reason this may happen so try to be calm.

4. Read the instructions very carefully before you take drug

It is very important to read the instructions written on the drug and strictly follow it while taking these medicines. It will also be a good idea to discuss with your doctor before you try to take such drugs.

They can offer you few useful tips that can make these medicines more effective.

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle too

Besides taking medicines, it is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is very essential to have good sex. With a healthy lifestyle, you can also prevent high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.