Ensure FLSA Compliance with an Online Time Clock

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Choosing an online time clock can be one of the best ways to keep accurate employee records and remain compliant with specific standards the government has set. Implementing this software can help keep track of all employees’ hours and work schedules. Implementing online time clock software can help with ensuring accurate bookkeeping and allows you to access daily, weekly, and monthly reports quickly.

Whether you are a small or large business, you will need to be sure you follow FLSA compliance laws. If you do not, you could get in serious trouble and incur significant fines. It is vital to keep up with the FLSA codes and regulations – one of the best ways to do this is by investing in an online time clock. It will help you see clearly what is going on in your business day to day.

There are some critical things to be aware of, and most of these things can be kept track of through an efficient and modern online timecard system. If you do not have one of these tools at your disposal, you can do everything manually and by your own record keeping. However, using a time keeper app is a lot easier and gives you a lot of freedom while ensuring you remain FLSA compliant.  

What is FLSA Compliance?

If you are new to the business world, you may not know what FLSA compliance is yet. However, it is crucial to be aware of if you have employees. FLSA stands for the Fair Labor Standards Act. It is a federal law that affects things like how many hours a person can work, overtime regulations, minimum wage, distinguishes full-time and part-time workers, and includes child labor laws requirements. The FLSA also has relatively strict requirements about how record keeping should be done.

If you switch to online time clock software, this can help you with your daily, weekly, and monthly records. All of them will help you be FLSA compliant. There can be very negative consequences if you choose to ignore these laws. If you keep track of work hours and time off manually, it is easy to miss important information about an employee, which could lead to some serious trouble and fines.

Why is it Essential for a Business?

If you do not practice FLSA compliance, you could risk being shut down because of the unfair treatment of your employees. The government will get word of these discriminatory practices or neglect of an employee, and they will be forced to investigate. They will, through all timesheets and records you keep, see if you miss anything such as paying for overtime.

They will be forced to go through all business practices and determine if you are a fit business owner. If they decide you have any violations, you could get a fine of up to $1,000 for each discrepancy they find. If there are too many violations, you will be forced to close, reevaluate, pay more significant fines, and more. State laws should always be kept up to date, and you should be sure you are following all of the rules set.

Online Time Clocks Are Essential Tools

When you own and manage a business, you have to follow your state’s guidelines and laws if you don’t want to get into trouble. Having automated clock in and out software that can track employee work hours, time off and overtime earned accurately will save you a lot of time and potential headaches. This software can help you feel secure with these laws and create an easy way to store all employees’ information. If you haven’t made the switch yet, now may be a perfect time.