How Do I File a Slip and Fall Injury Claim in California?

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In California, the law entitles you to get compensation by the negligent when you experience a slip and fall accident. This compensation caters for losses incurred due to medical bills and loss of wages during the period of injury until recovery. You can choose to make a third-party insurance claim through the owner’s insurance company or directly file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party. There are several very important steps to follow when filing a slip and fall injury claim in California. The first to always be aware of is the time limit for filing your claim, and the other maintains that an injured party may share some level of fault for the accident causing the injury.

Here are some of the instances where comparative negligence can affect your claim:

  • Your claim may be invalid if you get injured at a restricted part of the property.
  • You might also reduce or get denied compensation when you injure yourself while distracted, like walking while using your phone.
  • If you wore wrong footwear or inappropriate and unsafe gear during the accident, your slip and fall injury claim may also be rendered invalid.
  • To increase the chances of your claim getting paid, you need to take several procedural actions immediately after your accident. However, most of the time, people are too shaken or incapacitated to follow these necessary steps. .

Use the following recommended procedure to file for a slip and fall injury claim.

Steps to Follow when Filing a Slip and Fall Injury Claim

  1. Immediately, report the accident to a superior person in the building or compound. It would help your case if there were witnesses during the accident. However, you should still report the accident even if there were no witnesses to help the owners identify and rectify any potential risk factors.
  2. If your condition allows you, take pictures of the scene of the accident immediately.  Ensure you take photographs of your injuries before you get medical attention. Pictures will serve as evidence of risk factors that can change quickly, like wet floors or weather conditions.
  3. Explain every detail of the accident to your doctors as they administer treatment for your injuries. The hospital’s report is a critical factor for the court to determine the amount of settlement you qualify for.
  4. Reportedly, most occurrences of slip and fall accidents are in workplaces and commercial properties. Most of these areas have standby paperwork prepared to report any accidents to their insurance companies. Ensure that the accident is accurately described in the report before you sign and submit it.
  5. The final step is to pick out a reliable law firm to file the claim for you and represent you during the injury claim proceedings in front of a jury.

Slip and fall claims in California are only payable when there is proof of injury or damaged property due to the accident. Therefore, it is essential to follow the set procedures mentioned above to maximize the chances of getting your damages paid for when you experience an accident.