How Much Significant Color is in Expressing the Artifact, Majed Veysel

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Everyone always loves the color combination of black and white. Moreover, black and white photographs are classic, bold, raw, and embodies natural pureness. It is also believed by many that being an artist is not an easy task. Still, for Majed Veysel it was kind of different because since childhood he was always attracted to architecture and photography, since those old days he loved visiting old museums and other traditional places and somehow those experiences gradually made him an artist maybe because the love he had then for architecture and old things, gives him power and strength now to blow everyone’s mind with his work.

Majed’s Commencement

Nowadays, every single person is capable of capturing a photograph. Still, only a few can master this art of photography, and from that few portions comes the name of Mehmet Majed Veysel, the man from Aleppo, in Syria, and born on 15th of January 1995.  This man is famous and popular in the architectural and photography industry; his photography skills are just perfect and stunning.

He studied in American School in Aleppo, Syria, 2012 for high school, and he graduated his Bachelor from “Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi” on architecture in Istanbul, Turkey. The duration was 2013 to 2017. He also applied as an architect in the “Chamber of Architects of Turkey,” 2017, and now, doing his Master of Architecture for Sustainable Design – “Politecnico Di Torino” in Italy 2018 to 2020. His education qualifications are prominent.  As an intern, he worked for “S.B.ARCH. Bargone Associati” in Rome, and “Acimert Mimarlik — AAC” in Istanbul, Turkey, and Eroglu Holding as a Site Construction Architect.

Versatile Majed

Majed’s perception of art is unique and versatile. The photographs he clicks feel as if he clicks it from the souls of the spaces, his work shows his dedication, passion, and love towards it, and for this, he grabbed many awards and received it from well-known and famous people. He received awards like Ambassador Prize for his architecture project Versace Headquarters in Rome Italy, BAU International Academy of Rome in May 2016, and Lumion Certification Visualization Software Built for Architecture by FGA Mimarlık in 2015.

Crossing the Border

Majed Veysel loves traveling, and he almost visited ten different cities, and then he takes pictures of the beautiful architect and posts those to his Instagram account where he has more than 105 thousand followers from almost 100 different countries, and when gradually the posts blew up, people started seeing his work and fell in love, and the followers in his account are always increasing. He only posts his pictures in all the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, so no one knows much about the artist’s personal life or his about his family, and in all his interviews he only talks about his work, so there is no information related to his own life available on the internet.

Winging Forward

The artist believes that while learning about architecture, it opened his eyes, and he started to see the world differently and beautifully of wearing black and white glasses. He believes that other colors make it difficult for people to see the actual object and feel its beauty. In contrast, black and white do the work for them; he thinks that through black and white people can see the inner peace and natural beauty of the object or the place in the photograph. Majed is an inspirational artist for many new and upcoming photographers.

People love Majed’s works and photos, and the love for his work is directly visible in his social media accounts, the stunning work mesmerized all.