How to Choose the Right Feather Banners | Key Factors in Choosing the Right Feather Banners

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Also commonly referred to as feather flags, swooper flags, flutter flags, or sail flags, feather banners are some of the most effective ways to attract attention for indoor and outdoor businesses, trade shows, or events.

Selecting the ideal feather banners depends on a couple of factors, including your message, size, quality of construction, and double or single sided printing.

1. Message

You need to consider the message on your flag. Your company’s logo and the message you intend you pass across in a big way determine the shape the feather banners will take.

You need to keep the number of words on the feather banners to a minimum. Since people have limited time to read the message across the entire flag, keeping them minimal is appropriate. The fewer the words, the better they stick on a customer or potential customer’s mind. Many wordings may confuse the customer, and they may not have the time to read across it.

2. Size

Consider what you intend to achieve and the height or space limitations you have to work with. Is there the presence of canopies, overhead wires, or any other forms of obstructions that may restrict your feather banners options? If so, all these need to get considered.

In case you do not have enough space, do not worry because you can go for the small feather banners. Smaller feathers banners will still attract customer’s attention, no matter their size. The message only has to be clear and brief to the point.

Large feather banners are ideal for events, as they offer more visibility to customers. If you have a large space, consider large feather banners as it can get seen above all clutter and above other stands.

However, when choosing a feather banners, be careful not to select the overly large size. The large ones overly flex a lot more on the wind and can stress the pole. Breakage is prone to happen, when mountings may remain unsteady.

Also, overly feather banners can be great as they attract more attention, although they sometimes look attractive and they barely sit ideally on a fence line.

3. Movement

If you intend to attract more customers from afar, feather banners are an ideal option. The right feather banners can display the intended information and do not keep flapping with the wind. With the shape of the feather flag, the flag can maintain its shape. It makes the images more legible.

Feather banners are ideal for businesses that are particularly situated in a windy outdoor area.

4. Quality

Just like any other product, the quality of the feather banners matters. The feather banners should have the appropriate fabric, ink, and even finishing. Quality feather banners are quite pricey, but quality should never get compromised. A high-quality feather banner will serve you for some time and will outweigh the cheap option even in appearance.

5. Single or double-sided

There has been an increase in the production of double-sided flags. This is because they can accommodate a lot more information compared to single-sided flags. Also, they can last longer than single-sided ones.

Since double-sided feather banners require a heavy base, they might not be a good option if you do not have the right materials to hold the additional weight.


Choosing the right feather banners does not have to be a daunting flag, and ultimately, no choice has no perks. You only need to select the best that will work for your company, and one will pass your message across effectively.