How to Play PUBG Mobile within Restricted Regions

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Ever experience this when you want to play PUBG Mobile game is not available in your regions.So here is the best way on How to Play PUBG Mobile within Restricted Regions.

before we begin PUBG Mobile is one of many other best battle royale mobile games and has a lot fans and community around the world.

PUBG Mobile has variety mode to play with such as Classic Deathmatch which popular among other mobile gamers same like Fortnite game player with battle royale mode.

The game might not available for your regions and because of that problem many gamers do not know what to do. If you are player from indonesian and still have problem, You must try to daftar sbobet for got different sensastion.

So here is the best simple guide that can bring you to play PUBG Mobile if you have restricted regions.

If you got an Error code:restrict-area message when launching PUBG Mobile game then here the solution how to help you to Play PUBG Mobile within Restricted Regions and avoid the problem.

Let’s find out How to Play PUBG Mobile within Restricted Regions especially when the game is not available for your regions.


We are only demonstrating a method for education information purposes.

We are not encouraging for players using this kind of method to play PUBG mobile in a restricted regions or country, where it might been lock by default from game publisher and certain regulations which came along with it.

So How to Play PUBG Mobile within Restricted Regions

In order To play PUBG Mobile if you are in restricted regions, you must use VPN or Virtual Private Network.

You can download Free VPN for your Android or iOS device in you google store or App store.

I recommended Mango VPN as it offers free servers from major regions that will cost you nothing.

But to use this Mango VPN you need to click menu extend in order to use Mango VPN as long as you want.

You can also use another free or paid VPN App if you want.

Once you are connected to the Mango VPN the you can open PUBG Mobile normally and Next choose Select Mode located at the bottom-left corner.

And then you click server located on top right corner and choose server.

If you already connect to the game you might not need to do this, as it will automatically connect you through the game.

That is How to Play PUBG Mobile within Restricted Regions Enjoy. And if you stil have any problem maybe you can try play judi online bet88 in indonesian