Proton Iriz: Will the 2019 Version Make a Difference

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Proton holdings Berhad, or more commonly known as the proton, is a Malaysian automotive manufacturer that makes and sells their cars and other accessories. In 2014 they introduced an all-new model to their lineup called the Proton Iriz. Although there were significant features in the car at that time the car was still not able to make huge sales or gather a crowd, however, proton did not give up, and they tucked in their heads and got in making a better version of their model. Recently they introduced their new model Iriz for the year 2019, was it able to capture a market? To find out you need to first know about the company than the car itself. Let’s get started.

The Company

If you are in the market for a new car, then the chances are not only will you be looking at the different cars itself but you will also take a good look into the company as well. When you purchase a new car, you have to understand that the car comes with the company as well and you will need the company to back you up in case anything bad happens to your car. You need to judge a company before buying its product to ensure that the company will stand by their products or not.

Proton holdings Berhad, or proton, is a Malaysian automotive company that was founded in 1983 when the deputy prime minister of Malaysia wanted a national car for their country. Proton started selling rebadged Mitsubishi vehicles for the first 17 years of their business, but in 2000 proton created their car from scratch making Malaysia the 11th country in the world that can manufacture their cars.

Since 2000 proton has been making and selling their cars as well as selling rebadged cars for the country. As of today, the company sells cars to over 15 countries worldwide. The company has been selling cars for more than 3 decades and we can safely say that they fit into the role of a company that stands by their products. Now since the company has turned out to be a success, let’s look at the car and see if it’s worth your time.

Proton Iriz

Proton Iriz is a car that was released on 25 September 2014 and has been in production ever since. Proton Iriz is a car that was produced to be the successor of their older model proton savvy. The car was developed in-house by the design team of Proton and it was designed to be a 5 door mini hatchback that can accommodate the needs of everyday people. The car is incredibly nimble and light on its wheels. The car had a mixed reception when it unveiled in the beginning but it has since warmed up to the people as a compact everyday car.

The car is a good all-around worker and can easily handle all the tasks you can throw at it. The same car is being sold all around the world so we can assume that if any issues do occur, the company will be able to repair those issues quite easily.

Transmission and Engine

There is a lot of option that you can get with the car, there are 2 engine options that you can get with the car, and the base models have a 1.3L in-line 4 cylinder dual Overhead cam with 16 valves and variable valve timings, while the premium has the same engine in 1.6L variant. You can also choose from the options of a 5-speed manual or a CVT automatic transmission. The car has an average mileage of about 15 to 18 km/L and is capable of going around 700 Km in a full tank. You can always get more information from wapcar, they have in-depth details about the car and the different options you can get with it.

Chassis and Dimensions

The main dimensions that most people care about are the wheelbase, the wheelbase of the car is about 2555 mm which is quite respectable and it gives the turning radius of about 5 meters which is quite good considering the size of the vehicle. The second most important thing is the curb weight of the car, as it is a small car the curb weight of the car is quite small, the car weighs a maximum of 1173 kg for the premium model and it reduces as you go down the line.

Final Verdict

If you want a small car for your everyday needs then the Proton Iriz is the perfect car for you, it is small and nimble making it the perfect vehicle for your errands around the city, yet it also has an engine that is capable of giving great millage as well as ample power for when you need to speed things up. The car also has a lot of features that concern the person’s safety and their creature comforts. In our opinion, if you are looking for a small everyday car than the Proton Iriz is the perfect car for you.