Reasons Why Boc-L-Hydroxyproline Is Important in The Human Body

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The human body consists of various building blocks, with some of the most basic ones being the amino acids. Interestingly, while all of the amino acids can be defined as performing a singular function, they all have different ways of getting to the final result.

The same can be said for hydroxyproline (usually abbreviate as Hyp) which is a major marker in collagen. Making up about 14% of collagen itself, Hyp is a good indicator of how much collagen is present in any cell.

That said, why should the place of Hyp in collagen be interesting at all? Well, probably because collagen is important for the following purposes.

1. Reduce Skin Aging

As you grow older, the skin starts to produce less and less collagen. This means the body is producing lesser Hyp too, since they are a good determinant of how much collagen is present.

When that happens, the skin beings to lose its shine, luster and elasticity. Wrinkles begin to show up and that signifies the start of an aging process.

That makes it obvious that this aging can either be slowed down or totally kept in check by increasing the collagen content of the body – which will also mean supplying more Hyp that the skin cannot naturally produce by itself anymore.

2. Manages Joint Pain

The human body consists of numerous joints that are kept in check by cartilaginous bones. Constant usage of these joints will also lead to wear and tear of the supporting cartilage. When that happens, collagen kicks in to ensure the cartilage is replaced as at when due.

Following from the above, this collagen production reduces over time, so much that not much cartilage is brought in to replace the lost ones. At this point, there is a risk of joint pain and the introduction of diverse health conditions.

Again, helping the body improve its cartilage production will manage the situation.

3. Enhances Muscle Mass

Depending on the individual, between 1-10% of all muscle mass consists of collagen. It has even been proven that taking collagen in addition to exercising will boost the level of muscle mass gain faster than just exercising alone.

Besides that, researchers have reasons to believe that collagen itself helps spur the creation of creatine – an important muscle protein in the body. That, and we have not mentioned how it aids the growth of muscles after exercising.

Getting your Hyp right

Classified as a non-essential amino acid, the Boc-L-hydroxyproline requires a strict form of synthesis and production to make it happen. Seeing how important it is to the human body, too, it is not something you want to gamble with.

That is why it is suggested that you get your supplies from trusted companies like Hohance.

Having been in the business for long, they have not only the expertise to give you what you want, but the facilities too. With a team of seasoned scientist and experts working on no less than 1200 square feet of grounds, as well as up to 98% purity on synthesized chemicals, they are the supplier to embrace.