Recycle your Mobile Phone before it’s too late

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Rapid advancements in technology have changed the canvas of the mobile phones arena in the last ten years or so. Almost a decade ago smartphone was meant to be a phenomenal advancement in mobile phones and did cost a fortune whereas now mobile phones have become a thing of the past as 90% of the mobile phones nowadays smartphones have taken over. Today 90% of the mobile phones sold are smart phones, and newer models are hitting the market on a daily bases where all top mobile phones in 2019 are over £500 mark.

Top five smartphones of 2019

1       Huawei Mate 20 Pro


2      Samsung Galaxy Note 9


3      ApplE iPhone XS


4      OnePlus 6T


5      Google Pixel 3



Mobile phones typically lose their value faster than cars and any other electronic good, including white goods. In some cases with a month of release, the mobile phone can loose 66% of its value. It is always advisable to sell your mobile phone as soon as you no longer need it or have upgraded to a better version. The easiest way to sell your mobile phone is to sell it to a mobile phone recycling company.

FACT: In 2018, Samsung shipped more than 292 million smartphones worldwide.

Now the trend of changing the mobile phone every year has changed even in the most advanced nation where people have more disposable income. One of the main reasons for that can be stated to be more models being launched without any significant improvements, but that does not change the fact that most of the devices lose their value once the newer version of the same model is being launched. Over the years mobile phones arena has seen many giants losing their market shares and then taken over by new entrants. Blackberry and Nokia had over 50% of market share almost ten years ago but them two giants cant be seen anywhere and were taken over by Samsung and Appel. Now the scenario is again changing where new entrants such as Huawei is taking over the market share from Samsung and Apple. Overall smartphone shipment declined 5% in Q1 2019, making it the sixth consecutive quarter of shipments falling but at the same time, Huawei’s share in the global smartphone market reached its highest ever level of 17% during Q1 2019.

FACT: Smartphone vendors shipped a total of 310.8 million units in 1Q19

It’s always wise to sell your mobile phone before it loses all of its value, some mobile phone recycling companies even buy your broken mobile phones especially iPhones because the repair cost of iPhone is much less than a Samsung.