Social media trends to follow in 2k19

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Social media trends are taking over our lives, and we ought to keep track of them, whether we are the audience or the influencers. If you are looking forward to being the top in your game, you have to incorporate these trends into your social media activity. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are one of the most popular social media features and will continue to be so. They offer a wide range of applications. It is great for when you want to provide the audience with short glimpses about your product. You will be sparking their curiosity that way.

Combine this with the fact that when your profile is opened by anyone, the first thing they will watch will be your story. You can use this feature if you want to draw the attention of your viewers towards the upcoming events. If you show your human side, that will always be beneficial for your account or your product.

Adding interactive elements like polls to Instagram stories and fusing it with posts is noted to be highly effective by marketing team of and their clients. You can read their report on getting more Instagram followers and raising the involvement by applying this approach in the blog section of their website.

Transparency and trust

Building transparency and trust are never going to harm you. It will always prove to be advantageous. In fact, this concept is what the entirety of social media is revolving around these days.

Collecting data of the users without consent is no longer popular in social media use nowadays. With this trend emerging, transparency with the user has become a key concept towards convincing them to pay attention to your brand.

Social media influencers

The influencers have a major impact on the lives of the people that they are following. If you are the audience, you can look to them if you want a deeper insight into the trends that you want to follow.

The brands will also manage to have the upper hand if they choose to partner up with an influencer. This is so because that way, they will not only be reaching out to their own audience but to the audience of that influencer as well, all through one single person.

As videos continue to be the most popular form of content on social media, the unboxing, or the product reviews done by the influencer will have a major impact on the purchasing decisions of their viewer.

The greatest thing about partnering with an influencer is how cost-effective this is. You will not have to pay them huge sums of money as you would go to a celebrity. You can give commission to the influencer in the form of free products, and you will have them on board with you.

This trend continues to direct social media campaigns.


As has been mentioned earlier, the most popular form of content is, and will continue to be videos. According to predictions, 80% of the consumer traffic will be driven by videos, whichever platform it may be.

With the introduction of IGTV on Instagram, video content has seen extreme popularity lately. The one-minute-long video feature on Instagram only added up to this feature. Live video streams are also of immense importance when it comes to promoting your content.