Sports Betting: A Basic Guide to Mobile Sports Betting

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Are you interested in sports betting? However, do you only have a mobile app? Are you able to download a mobile app or access a mobile-ready website?

These questions are valid because there is nothing worse than trying to navigate your way around a website that is not optimized for a mobile device screen. It makes placing winning bets very difficult because you won’t be able to see what is on a specific webpage at any given moment. You will have to scroll across the page to read the finer details. Thus, the chance of making a mistake or giving up in frustration is very high.

Mobile apps versus the mobile device

The good news is that the global mobile app eco-system now includes sports betting apps.

Additionally, a fair number of online sportsbooks now form part of an online casino. Thus, these online casinos offer sports betting as part of the mobile offering. The reason why this point is important is that online casino games and virtual fantasy sporting events use high-resolution images and fast gameplay. Thus, the corresponding mobile device such as a smartphone must have high processing speed, a high-resolution screen, and a graphics card with enough memory to display these images

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0 or 4IR) and its associated technological advances have paved the way for the rapid development of smartphones and tablets that can run resource-intensive apps. The caveat here is that it is vital to check your phone or tablet’s minimum specs before downloading a mobile app like Bet9ja mobile to determine whether your device will run the app. There is nothing worse than a lagging app. It will affect your ability to place successful wagers like in-game bets.

Types of mobile apps

It is vital to note that mobile gambling apps that offer cash-based betting are not found in the Android Google Play Store or Apple App Store. They are usually downloadable from the sportsbook’s website. There are mobile gambling apps on the Play Store and the App Store. However, these are for recreational, free play only.

There are native mobile apps and web apps that are designed to function on a mobile screen. The native app is downloaded onto the phone while the web app is accessed via the device’s browser.

Apple’s “walled garden” policy makes it very difficult to develop a native sportsbook for the iPhone or iPad. Thus, iPhone and iPad users will have to access the sportsbook via the web app.

Android, on the other hand, allows users to install native apps by downloading the install file from the sportsbook’s website. There is a list of steps that have to be followed in a specific order; otherwise the app will not install. Thus, it’s important to follow these steps one by one and make sure that you understand and implement each step before moving to the next step.

Final thoughts

In a certain sense, we are only at the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with its interconnected technologies and rapid development of new technologies, including the Internet of Things and mobile technology. Thus, the mobile app dev ecosystem will change, and improvements on current apps will be possible because of these rapid technological developments in the mobile space.