The Best Ways To Become A Successful Artist & Make A Living

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There will be many within the art profession that will have had the question lingering in their minds about how they can become successful within the industry.

Naturally, success is a factor that can be determined by a number of aspects, but for many, the key measuring stick that determines whether something has been successful is if money can be made from it and a living can be earned.

Unfortunately for many, the art industry can be one of the hardest sectors to conquer and enter as a professional artist that is able to earn a living from, however there are a number of different tips that are available to those who aspire to achieve that objective in the future.

Make Art

One of the very first things you can do to try and enable yourself to be successful within the art industry and make a living from it is to continue to create new artwork and pieces that can then be potentially sold.

Of course, this is perhaps an obvious point, but there will be many that will have given up after suffering their first setback and stopped making pieces. When you take a look at Dorit Levinstein’s art portfolio, you can instantly tell that she has been incredibly successful within the industry, however you can guarantee it was not always this way for her and that she had to continue pursuing her dream to get herself to where she is today.

Know the Numbers Behind the Business

Any successful business person will immediately tell you that it is important to know all of the numbers that are involved to ensure that a business is sustainable and can operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The same can be applied to artists who are looking to run a successful venture, as they will need to take charge of their finances and ensure that they are still able to put money on the table when it comes to covering expenses incurred, such as those for materials, or even daily costs that will help life be easier.

There are a number of ways that this can be done, with budgeting and tracking amongst the most popular, whilst also keeping business and personal life separate.

Selling Art Needs to be Authentic and Relatable

Whilst the end game is to be able to earn a living by being able to sell the artwork that is created for a profit, it is important to try and adopt a sales strategy that will work for the individual and one that will actually benefit the art that is being sold.

There are a number of different ways in which art can be sold, however the way that is chosen could define the artist in a way that could have an impact on further sales in the future. Artists can choose to sell their own work on an online gallery or on a website that they create, or they could look for someone else to try and sell it on their behalf.

Network and Connect with Other Artists

How many times have you heard the phrase: “It’s not what you know, but who you know”?

It is a phrase that is all-too-common in the modern era, however it is one that can be applied to almost every single business industry, including the art world. By networking and connecting with other artists, your brand/name and artwork will instantly have a greater presence than when just simply logging it onto a website and hoping it is seen by those who visit.

Many will either do this in person by going to networking events that are aimed at those with an interest in the industry, whilst others will simply look to build connections by using virtual platforms such as social media channels. Both are great, as they will provide a platform for the artist that could potentially provide them with further exposure, which can then potentially be converted into sales!