Time Tracking of Your Remote Workers – Why Is It Good?

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If you own a business and some of your employees work remotely, you know how hard it can be to control their work and the time they spend on various activities. Therefore, you need all the help you can get.

Most business owners nowadays use work time track software. It’s a trend that’s growing rapidly and if you’ve never heard of it, it’s about time to know all about time tracking and why is it good for your remote employees.

Why Track Time?

Time tracking may seem like a boring activity when your first look at it. And it’s certainly boring for your employees as well. Nobody wants to waste their time on some paperwork and filling timesheets. But, as strange as it may sound, time tracking is actually very important for virtually every business.

Why, you may ask? Well imagine you’re working in a fast-paced environment on several different projects. Many people find it hard to multitask and therefore what comes as a must is the fact that some of their work may lack quality. Time tracking can help you see how much time each of your employees  spends on every project and reorganize their work if you notice that they aren’t treating some of your clients the same as the other ones.

Another situation is that you simply don’t trust your employees and you want to check how much time they spend actually working on their job. Time tracking tracks everything your employees work on during the day and it gives you a report about how much time did they spend on different tasks – and whether they are productive or unproductive.

As you can see, such tool has a lot to offer for the wellbeing of you business and these situations are just some which might occur.

As we mentioned before, the no.1 modern way of tracking time is by using work time track software. Now that you know all the benefits of time tracking, let’s see how can such tool help you with remote workforce management.

Remote employees and Work Time Track Software

If your employees are working remotely, it isn’t by accident. It’s widely known that working remotely has benefits for both you as a business owner and your employees.

But, even though this way of working is becoming more and more popular, tracking the productivity of such employees and the amount of time they actually spend working is way harder than for “traditional” employees which work in the office and are physically close to you.

Thankfully, time clock app for employers can solve most of the problems related to time tracking and productivity measuring. Even though your employees  are working from their home, the software will track their every move. You won’t need to constantly check the progress of the project or to call up meetings to get updates. Everything is available from the interface of the employee time recording software.

The software works passively on the computer of your workers. They don’t need to think about it and there’s no need for them to fill boring timesheets. You’ll have an insight if they’re wasting their time lurking on the Internet or actually conducting some serious work on the ongoing project. There pretty much isn’t a way to trick it.

And, it’s a win-win situation. Your employees like working remotely and probably wouldn’t switch back to the office. They are more productive this way and finish their job more efficiently. But, despite that, you as a manager have an opportunity to keep an eye on them as much as if they were working in the office with the help of desktop time tracking software. And, you should utilize this. Make the best working environment for your employees, but control them to some extent at the same time.


If you have remote employees working for you and you want to implement an app to keep track of work hours, hopefully after reading this article you’ll realize why such a decision would benefit both you and your employees.