What Can You Do With A Criminal Justice Degree

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One of the fields that have really come into the mainstream nowadays is the criminal justice industry. People are really starting to notice it and there has been a rise in its demand as well. As population increases, so does the need to keep that population in check. You can easily get yourself a criminal justice degree and you can opt for any of the various jobs in the criminal justice field. If you thought that policemen, lawyers, and judges were the only ones in the law enforcement department, then you have another thing coming your way. There are a plethora of options for you down the road, whether it is to become an FBI agent or to become a forensics specialist. Depending on your preference, talents, skills and the kind of salary that you would like to take home, you can find a good job in any of the various fields that we are going to list down for you, right here.

Probation Officer

Now this one is pretty obvious. Probation officers are the ones who take the responsibility of parolees and monitor them so that they can ensure that the parolees are not breaking the terms and conditions of their probation. Not only do they keep an eye on them, but they also help them get accustomed to life after prison and guide them and support them during this transition. A probation officer usually has multiple cases at a time and they interact with their parolees at their homes as well as at their workplaces. As a probation officer, you will have a good chance of bringing a positive change in someone’s life and helping them leave the life of crime behind and turn a new leaf. With your online criminal justice degree by your side, you can really find a fruitful and rewarding career as a probation officer.

Forensic Science Technician

Now, we know that the minute you read the word ‘forensics’ you started imagining yourself as the hero of your latest forensics science-based TV series. And you are not far off. Not only do they get to do all the scientific stuff to catch the criminals, but they are also handsomely paid. In some states more so than others. To become a forensic science technician, you have to start at an early age and dive deep into subjects like science and math. But the real fun begins when you finish your forensic science degree and enter the exciting field. Forensic science technicians work in hospitals, labs, government agencies (we know this is the one you’re going for), courtrooms, and other facilities where they use their knowledge of science and their skills of deductive reasoning to present evidence-based clues for various crimes.

Police Officer

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for police officers is going to grow by 7 per cent until 2026. These are the people who are at the front line in every case. Their major task is not only to prevent crimes throughout their communities and cities but also to catch the criminals who are wreaking havoc through the communities. No matter where you live, whether you live in a rural area or a megacity, there is always a need for policemen in the force. This means that someone who has done their criminal justice degree and wants to join the police force will have a lot of demand and job security in the future. Once you join the police force, you will get additional training and coaching so that you are prepared for everything.

Correctional Officer

Correctional officers are like probation officers with the difference that they mostly work inside the jails and prisons in the country and help in the supervision of the criminals who have been convicted of crimes and are there to mend their ways. As a correctional officer, you can work at the local, state, or even the federal level as they all have their own incarceration systems. Once you become a correctional officer, you will receive regular on-the-job training and coaching so that you are always at the top of your game. Not only will you be supervising and guarding the prisoners, but you will also be trying to rehabilitate them with various enrichment programs.

Private Detective

Who hasn’t heard the term ‘Private Detective’? Everybody knows who they are and what they do. For us, the lives of private detectives are full of action and thrills. In the real world, it may not be as much as the hype would have you believe. But still, they do have a lot of cool cases to solve and damsels in distress to rescue. They not only help the local forces in their cases but also take private cases that might not have any criminal aspect to them. They are often hired by companies as well as individuals to do background checks, find out information, and other similar works. This is why a criminal justice degree is important as they get to work with evidence, surveillance, and witnesses, among others.


So, what do you think? Do you have what it takes to become a representative of the people and fight for the rights of the innocent and the weak? If you do, then a criminal justice degree is exactly what you need.