What you need to know about the artificial turf industry

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So, you are considering buying artificial turf grass, but you are not sure where to start. Rest assured that we are here to assist you, which is why we’ve created this article based on all the information you might need about Chinese artificial grass manufacturers. An artificial grass factory can offer distinct types of turfgrass, depending on the area you want to use it. So, let’s see what you need to know about the artificial turf industry. 

How is artificial grass created?

How is artificial grass created?

We’ve asked experts in the field about how artificial turf manufacturers create their products. We found out that artificial grass is created by using the tufting techniques used in the manufacture of carpets. The materials required for achieving the best artificial turf grass are a synthetic human-made material named polypropylene and polyethylene.

If it were for you to visit an artificial grass factory, you would observe that large portions of yarn are positioned on bars behind the tufting machine. From this point on, the following steps are done to achieve the most qualitative artificial grass:

  1. The best raw materials are selected, while specialists feed PE for extruding, while qualitative masterbatch is used;
  2. After extruding the yearn. The next step towards creating artificial turf involves cooling, stretching, smoothing and rolling;
  3. To make sure the artificial grass will meet industry standard, the yarn is additionally twisted with the aid of a high speed twisting machine. After this, the yarn is prepared for the next step, and it gets rolled.
  4. Testing the turf’s quality involves a lot of processes, such as colour testing, anti-UV testing, or broken force testing. This step is meant to discover any faults in the quality of artificial grass.
  5. If the turf passes this initial quality test, it is loaded in yarns, from where another quality checking is done.
  6. If everything is ok, the yarn is redirected towards the loading area for coating, where it is applied via heating techniques.
  7. For the best coating results, the yarn gets drilled and rolled, while the coating is double-checked to see whether or not it was applied correctly.
  8. The last step is about packing and loading, which usually it is done in the form of a large roll of artificial grass.

What is the best Chinese manufacturer of artificial grass?

With so many distributors of artificial turf available on the market, it might turn out to be quite challenging to identify a responsible and professional artificial grass manufacturer.

Our recommendation is to opt for Excellent Turf, one of the best Chinese artificial grass manufacturers. They have an impressive annual capacity for creating artificial grass that goes up to 5,000,000 square meters, which stands proof for their expertise in the artificial grass industry.

The best thing about collaborating with Excellent Turf is its vast array of products that can be designed in their Artificial grass factory. You can choose between:

  • Football turf, for either professional or amateur football pitch. All the artificial grass in this category comes with excellent quality.
  • Tennis turf, for either professional tennis courts or school playing grounds.
  • Croquet turf, suitable for all types of croquet, no matter the level of difficulty.
  • Landscape turf, a category of products suitable for artificial gardening purposes.
  • Decorative turf, a category of products that can be used in a variety of locations, depending on your needs.
  • Accessories for artificial grass, such as tools and machines for turfing installation.

What we admire the most at Excellent Turf is their commitment to offering personalized solutions for each project. It is an advantage you won’t find with many Chinese artificial grass manufacturers nowadays. Their team is committed to creating suitable solutions for sports, landscaping, and recreation locations since 2006. So, we can safely conclude they are the most professional artificial turf manufactures you will ever find!